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Pow-R-Tek SR™ Router with Variable Speed Control Box - ESTIMATED TO SHIP IN 4-6 WEEKS


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Pow-R-Tek SR Router Motor Voltage Option:

Introducing the Pow-R-Tek SR (Spindle Router) Motor - A Canadian-Engineered Powerhouse!

Elevate your woodworking experience with our meticulously designed Pow-R-Tek SR Motor, boasting an impressive 3-1/4hp and a substantial 4.2-inch diameter motor. Every aspect of this motor has been carefully crafted, engineered, and tested right here in Canada, representing over a year of relentless dedication to perfection. Drawing inspiration from a comprehensive study of routers in the market, we present what we believe to be the ultimate router motor solution.

Key Features:

Optimized Air Flow:

  • Unmatched air flow management is crucial, particularly when the router is installed within a dust box.
  • Dual airflow ports located at the motor's base ensure a constant influx of fresh air, preventing overheating.
  • Pair with our new Heavy Duty Dual Intake Dust Box featuring two internal airflow ports for pristine airflow and zero wood/dust infiltration.
  • Optional airflow ports and hoses are offered separately for customer convenience.

High-Performance Bearings:

  • Addressing the limitations of existing router motors, our motor features two angular contact bearings with light contact seals and Kluber grease.
  • Rated for an impressive 30,000 RPM, these machine spindle bearings provide exceptional stability, durability, and resistance to wear and overheating.
  • The universal ground and paired bearings in a back-to-back DB arrangement ensure superior spindle control.

Efficient Air Exhaust:

  • Redirecting motor air exhaust to the sides and downwards eliminates the issue of air blowing up through the router table opening.
  • This innovative design enhances chip clearance and facilitates more effective dust collection.
  • It also allows the router to be raised higher above the table opening, simplifying bit changes.

Enhanced Variable Speed Box:

  • The variable speed box is constructed from durable steel.
  • Equipped with a no-volt release switch, the motor is ideal for educational institutions and environments where safety is paramount, as it prevents unintentional activation after a power interruption.
  • Speed ranges from 10,000 RPM to 21,000 RPM

Included Accessories:

  • The motor contains a soft-start feature.
  • Each package includes ER-20 Collets in both 1/4" and 1/2" sizes.
  • Customers will find a spare set of brushes and our new cast steel wrenches to for their convenience.

Experience the precision, power, and innovation of the Pow-R-Tek SR Motor, a testament to Canadian craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality. Elevate your woodworking capabilities today with this ultimate router motor solution.

  • 3-1/4 Horsepower
  • 4.2 motor diameter
  • 10 000 - 22 000 RPM
  • Bearings rated for 30 000rpm
  • ER-Collets in 1/4" and 1/2" sizes
  • Also available in 110V and 230V

 WARNING - Cancer and reproductive harm. For more information please click: JessEm Prop65 Warnings 


110V Router Motor

230V Router Motor