Router Lifts and Plates

Mast-R-Lift II (02120 & 02121)

Rout-R-Lift II (02310, 02311, 02312, 02313, 02314)

Mast-R-Lift Excel II (02202)

Rout-R-Lift Prestige (02320, 02321, 02322, 02323)

Rout-R-Plate (03101, 03102)


Fences, Tops and Stands

Mast-R-Fence II (04010)

 TA Fence (04500)

ALTS Stand (05100)

Caster for ALTS Stand (05102)

Rout-R-Stand (05001)

Rout-R-Stand Casters (05002)

Mast-R-Top (03006)


Joinery Systems

3/8" Dowelling Jig and Dowelling Jig Master Kit (08350 & 08350MK)

Wood Sabre Marking Gauge (08801)


Router Table Accessories

Clear Cut Stock Guides (04215)

Fence Stop (04004)

Mite-R-Slide (06001)

Mite-R-Slide II - NEW (06100)

Tool Setting Gauge (07305)

Digital Readout (02230)

Router Template (03003)

Clear Cut Mounting Kit for Shop Made Fence (04216)

Pow-R-Tek Router Motor with Remote Control Box (05200)


Tablesaw Accessories

Clear Cut TS Stock Guides (04301)

Mite-R-Excell II (07150)

INCRA Mounting Kits for Clear Cut TS Stock Guides (04310)

Dear JessEm Customers

JessEm Tool has seen unprecedented growth in the last two years. We are in the process of transitioning into a much larger facility so we can continue to provide you with high quality Canadian made products. We will continue to ship product as much as we can during this transition. As we continue to feel the effects of Covid 19 on our supply chains, along with the increased demand for our products, we have seen considerable delays with our shipping times. We understand these delays are not ideal but we continue to have the best interest of our distributors and customers in mind as we transition to the new facility.